Why FlexCalc Is the Cornerstone of Finance Transformation

CalcRule are Easy for Building, Publishing & Maintenance 


FlexCalc is not restricted by the traditional SQL statements & programming languages for app development.


Command & Data Flow can be interacted with Filter, Calc & Match functions in rows along with each Common & Current Column.


CalcRule development cycle is greatly shortened to support your special & fast moving requirements.


After the CalcRule is built & tested by FlexCalc Builder, you can publish the App to FlexAccount 2020


The process of publishing CalcRule involves mapping the business logic of your CalcRule to achieve high execution performance.


After successfully publishing the CalcRule, you can assign users who play different roles to interact with various tasks.


     Explanation of the CalcRule 1.ETL, Significant Simple then Comparable ETLs to Execute Similar Jobs

        • Map Column is required if one of more column names of source data are different from the common columns.
        • Select Data is required when you want to filter data of extracted source data.
        • Compute Column is required when you want to add new column by calculation rule.
        • Amend Data is required when you want to import & amend data to data store by match key.
        • For each of the above command, you have to configure data flow, e.g. Excel() to DT(), DT() to DT(), DT() to DB().
        • DT() represents Dependent Table, it is a in-memory data table.
        • DB() represents Data Building, by default is FlexColumn, is a hybrid data store.
        • Excel() to DT() represents to notify the system to recognise different layouts by column names only.
        • For each common column, you have to configure <Data Type>, e.g. <Date>, <Period>,<String>,<Decimal>.
        • Block.1 represents first group of commands, allows to configure relevant progress messages for operators.
        • 1.ETL represents this is the first ETL CalcRule to run, allows you to configure subsequent sheet whenever necessary.
        • Below example support to amend data to the Fact Table: Data, DB:Budget directly from your Excel Worksheet:Budget.
        • There shall be at least one %Match key. The more the keys, the more the data segmentation for data amendment.
        • See Excel Connector, to learn more about different layouts. FlexCalc has built multiple engines to recognise different layouts.

Accounting Rule Editor

FlexCalc Moves to Support Column & Row Editor



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Why FlexCalc Is the Cornerstone of Finance Transformation

Provide Domain Specific Module

FlexCalc is built on its high performance ETL (FlexETL) plus specialised modules, i.e. Costing, Contra Item, Inter-co, not included in most traditional ETLs.

Assign Your Column Names for Business

The design principle of FlexColumn does not restrict you to build application system other than finance & accounting purposes because FlexColumn allows you to assign column names (excluding certain special characters), and there is only one minimum number of column in each data table. However, when you configure the inclusion of the column name “Ledger”, “Period”, “Currency”, “D/C” with the optional “Batch”, you can very quickly configure most accounting applications – the system can be configured to process your multidimensional transactions with different account types e.g. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Monetary, Non-monetary, Short/Long-Term, Reserve & Retained Account.

Document Conditional Action Made Easy

Conditional action is implemented by a decision tree model that enables users to effectively document a list of executable conditional actions in the spreadsheet.

Unique Approach to Separation of Concerns

FlexCalc provides different stages of modules & adopts a principle of software development – Separation of Concerns. Each module provides specific functions to interact with FlexETL. Executable commands e.g. Compute Column, Compute Row can be interacted with different types of data, data flow e.g. Excel() to DB(), CSV() to DT(), command functions e.g. %Multiply(), %JoinTable(), %CurrentPeriod() are interacting with data structure & entity life history associated with your column names. These settings are organised in a column-row format rather than tree format. This allows business users to do configuration by most common spreadsheet software rather then rely on text editor.

Hybrid Data Store - FlexColumn

FlexCalc has its own data store implementation. It is called Data Building (DB). Similar to a commercial building, FlexCalc allows you to organise your data in row segmentation for each folder (commercial building level) and column segmentation for each file (commercial building room). The goal of data segmentation is to optimise for high-performance reporting, as well as for frequent changing scenarios. Key differences between ISAM64 & FlexColumn are:-

  • ISAM64 supports row segmentation more effectively than FlexColumn => More suitable to support Record Level Amendment
  • FlexColumn supports column segmentation more effectively than ISAM64 => More suitable to support Building Statistics
  • FlexColumn & Command “Build Statistics” are built solely by the latest technology of Microsoft .net – LINQ & Data Dictionary
  • FlexCalc allows you to implement either one or both models of Data Building
  • The Roadmap of FlexCalc will also support different kinds of SQL e.g. SQLite, MySQL,MsSQL & etc. whenever you need.

Why FlexCalc Is the Cornerstone of Finance Transformation

Comprehensive Matching Rules for Reporting

FlexCalc mapping function is activated by the commands e.g. Compute Column, Compute Row, it is not only to support  standardisation & validation of your data, but  also used to process configured data filter function interacting with different matching commands e.g. Select Data, Select Unmatch Data, Reconcile Data & Split Data. The standard of expression between filter & mapping are consistent for each other when they are also empowered by the same mapping function of FlexETL.

Adapt Change Proactively

Not only FlexCalc can be deployed to meet your current needs, but it can also be managed to actively meet your evolving requirements. FlexCalc Builder offers a portfolio of demo Apps with a well design of App setting methodology which allows business users to build new App as fast as possible without involving any programmer or system engineer.

Self-service or Professional Implementation

FlexCalc offers options for the desired implementation procedures. You can contact our sales department to offer a solution and implementation directly according to your user needs or via the self-service option using the online training materials; increase the number of services available to authorised users.

LamiShow Interacts Your Report Layouts

LamiShow offers you an incredible experience of report functions with the presentation of various types of statistical & financial analysis reports. It supports auto-generation of different report layouts by configuring %Direction(X,Y,Z) & data filters for each report column. In addition, using one or more reserve sheet setting (1.ReferCell, 2.ReferCell) linking with your unstructured layouts & all relevant selection criteria, figures of your reports can be recalculated automatically. 

Faster Than Common Belief

The application development cycle, the execution of command, the processing of large volumn of  jobs involving transformation of large data set  are considered to be faster than common belief when comparing with traditional ETL & Accounting softwares. This Powerful Calc is also designing for business users when they participate in some kinds of data science projects.

Achieve Advanced Accounting Automation

Your goal to achieve advanced accounting automation anywhere is a basic requirement. You can spend more time to lead evaluation of alternative services for your group of companies no longer restricted to traditional accounting services.

Why FlexCalc Is the Cornerstone of Finance Transformation

Web Framework

You Can Implement & Host any Front/Back-end Web Framework with Adopting FlexCalc as a Calc Engine

Data Scientist

Revolutionary Software with the 2020 Roadmap to Empower Business Users Performing as Data Scientist

Business Scenario

Providing Very Rich Information for Matching Your Business Requirements in Different Scenarios

Online Tutorial

Inspiring Your App Building Practices by Offering Comprehensive Guide with Many Use Cases