Calculate to Distribute Different Data Sets

Case Summary

Calculate to Distribute Different Data Sets (2d)

It’s great to see your previous two prototypes (2b & 2c). Just want to see more of the list of features below: –

  • Product Manager need to review commission & rebate (prior the final drafted calculation by Finance Department)
  • Distribute sales commission breakdown to salesmen by importing CSV to the ERP system
  • Any more output options
  • Real demo to prove that execution is really fast


Deal with purely calculation & conversion amongst different data sets, it is not an issues of the software.

Block.1: Extract data to calculate purchase rebate, brand commission & salesman commission by relevant mapping tables.

Block.2: Select Data by different filters, e.g. %And(>0) is a conditional filter

Block.3: Convert selected data to different types of data table e.g. Excel, ISAM64 & DB.

Demo Video: Based on the demo data & required output, processing time is 0.35 second (Measured after pressing Enter key).

This App is exeucted by FlexCalc Builder which is Installed in a desktop computer – Dell Optiplex 7040 Micro Tower Quad Core i7 8GB RAM.

When you require a colorful GUI, you can consider FlexCalc WebDesktop, When you require a  concurrent user, you can consider FESA App Server with FlexCalc. Flex IncentivePlan.xlsx Data represents:- 

  • Flex is a Console Command,
  • IncentivePlan.xlsx is a CalcRule file.
  • Data is data folder that contains the necessary demo data.

You can operate it by inputting command or using option menu.

Note: When using Select Data command, all common columns must be indicated at least one filter. If not required particular column, use filter = %Ignore.

  Demo Data  (= Processing Results of 2c)


Processing Results (Net Amount.xlsx)

This report is designed for your product manager.

Other Processing Results

Below also see different data sets i.e. CSV (Excel can read CSV), ISAM64 (have dat & index file) & DB (each file has only one column).

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