Creative Design of Executable Process 1-2-3

Minimum executable unit of the created system is Process. Unleash your creative thinking with your business domain knowledge, you can create unlimited number of executable processes. Each Process can be configured by different combinations of below steps of data processing: –

Step 1: Connect to Extract Data

Step 2: Calculate to Transform Data

Step 3: Conclude to Load Data

  • Data Reconciliation to Identify Any Discrepancy amongst Data Sets
  • Data Classification & Consolidation to Files & Database
  • Data & Information Distributing to Users for Analysis & Presentation

Flexibility is┬áMultiplying by “Inputs x Transformations x Outputs”

Flexibility is Further Enabling by Setting Executable Process Group

Web Framework

You Can Implement & Host any Front/Back-end Web Framework with Adopting FlexCalc as a Calc Engine

Data Scientist

Revolutionary Software with the 2020 Roadmap to Empower Business Users Performing as Data Scientist

Business Scenario

Providing Very Rich Information for Matching Your Business Requirements in Different Scenarios

Online Tutorial

Inspiring Your App Building Practices by Offering Comprehensive Guide with Many Use Cases