Run FlexCalc from FlexAccount 2020

You Can Create & Test Apps by Spreadsheet with the FlexCalc

By setting up new systems using the FlexCalc, you can opt to use Excel or Spreadsheet as a rule editor.  However, Spreadsheet can offer an integrated user interface for you to interact with calculation functions of MS Excel, LedgerBase and the FlexCalc The benefit is to facilitate testing and executing created systems directly before real implementation.

You Can Implement Apps by FlexAccount 2020 with the FlexCalc

Whenever you consider adopting FlexSystem Methodology of Application Server Technology to host and manage your created Apps, you can implement FlexAccount 2020 with the FlexCalc and LedgerBase¬†to operate the Apps with different Ledger Workspaces. By adding further process codes with relevant user access rights to the Apps, you can manage to support different user groups they are responsible for the following tasks: –

  • Download Budget Form & Expenses Reimbursement Form
  • Upload Data Files with Different Excel Layouts
  • Download Data Files for Review & Approval
  • Update Mapping & Alert Rule
  • Select & Confirm Account Reconciliation by Two Data Sets
  • Select & Confirm Report Generation & Distribution
  • Select & Confirm Financial Close, Group Accounts & Budgeting by A/C Treatment Type: –
    1. Revenue Recognition for Manufacturing, Trading, Retail, Property, Construction etc.
    2. Inventory Costing by FIFO, LIFO, Average or LOT
    3. Direct Cost Apportionment
    4. Indirect Cost Allocation
    5. Prepayment & Deferred Income
    6. Accrued Expense & Provision
    7. Sales Commission Calculation
    8. Accrual of Total Staff Cost
    9. Inter-Company Transaction Allocation & Elimination
    10. Loan/Lease Asset, Liability & Commitment Adjustment
    11. Depreciation & Amortisation of Long Term Asset
    12. Deferred Tax Asset & Liability Adjustment
    13. Fair Value Adjustment of Financial/Trading Asset & Liability
    14. Foreign Currency Revaluation of Monetary Asset & Liability
    15. Foreign Currency Translation of Balance Sheet & P/L Account
    16. Acquisition/Settlement/Disposal/Transfer of Asset & Liability

Finance Computing Framework

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