Split & Merge Daily Sales Contracts

Case Summary

Split & Merge Daily Sales Contracts (2c)

This is an extended use case from previous case “Distribute Reports to Brand Managers (2b).

New Requirements: The product manager can see the product report, the supply manager can see the supplier report, etc. Our business managers should also look at the sales contracts as organised in different worksheet for one category.


Block.1 is same as previous solution.

Block2: LamiBook is used to stored filtering results for each category of data temporarily stored in memory. After selecting all the categories

Block.3: LamiBook will be converted to Excel Workook format on disk.

  Demo Data  (China.xlsx, France.xlsx, Russia.xlsx, UK.xlsx, USA-1.xlsx, USA-2.xlsx)


Processing Results (Report.xlsx with 10 Worksheets by Product Name)

Report to Block.3 LamiBook(Report,%All) to Excel(Report.xlsx) can be used to convert the LamiBook in memory to Excel Workbook on disk. 

See Block 2, if you try to replace Excel() with LamiBook(), the output cannot be combined into one Excel workbook. The system will display one Excel workbook with one worksheet result. So, you know one of the advantages of using LamiBook with this solution.

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