Mass Volume of CRM Data

Case Summary

Mass Volume of CRM Data (2a)

Every day, our CRM software downloads a lot of raw data from the Internet. Our management is concerned about wasting a lot of effort on managing this data file. We need to find a solution to organise this data into the data store automatically for ad hoc reporting.


Apart from traditional approach ETL – Extract, Transform, Load, nowadays, some of solutions are moving to ELT – Extract, Load, Transform. This mainly the fast development of CRM over internet.

Our solution is simple becuase FlexCalc allows you to config different scenarios of data flows. In view of your scenario, demand for importing text data to data store directly. It is recommended using the FlexColumn.

Our solution is simple, because FlexCalc allows you to customise various data flow scenarios. Based on your scenario, the demand for importing CRM data directly into the data store. It is recommended to use FlexColumn.

Copy Data (*. csv) to DB.Solution2a.Fact(CRM) allows you to copy data from a CSV file to the data store directly, without data transformation and amendment. The time required to post data is faster. In addition, this feature allows you to define %FileName as a batch number, which assumes that every day or every hour your CRM software can output a CSV file with a unique file name. Copy Data command dose not support data amendment. So you can use Amend Data command whenever you need it.

  Demo Data  (2019231.csv)

Date,Activity,Click,Post,Type,Weekday,Duration-Day,Duration-Hour,ID,Age Group,Gender,Region
42057,CREATE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,3,VISITOR1443,13-17,Female,PRC
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,12,VISITOR5752,55-74,Female,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,16,VISITOR6623,55-74,Female,Taiwan
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,7,VISITOR1509,55-74,Male,PRC
42058,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,18,VISITOR1436,18-34,Male,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,16,VISITOR3125,13-17,Female,Hong Kong
42239,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,183,21,VISITOR6921,18-34,Male,Macau
42058,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,13,VISITOR8893,55-74,Male,Macau
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,13,VISITOR7659,35-54,Male,Taiwan
42059,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Tue,3,20,VISITOR3388,18-34,Female,Hong Kong
42060,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Wed,4,16,VISITOR2825,35-54,Male,Taiwan
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,20,VISITOR5166,13-17,Male,Hong Kong
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,5,VISITOR8056,13-17,Male,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,7,VISITOR6357,18-34,Female,Hong Kong
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,10,VISITOR5740,35-54,Male,Macau
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,17,VISITOR6013,55-74,Female,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,4,VISITOR4067,35-54,Female,Singapore
42219,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,163,0,VISITOR8002,18-34,Male,PRC
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,10,VISITOR8031,35-54,Male,Taiwan
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,14,VISITOR3019,18-34,Female,Hong Kong
42060,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Wed,4,7,VISITOR4299,18-34,Male,Hong Kong
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,19,VISITOR6781,35-54,Male,PRC
42202,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Fri,146,13,VISITOR2125,18-34,Female,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,14,VISITOR7759,18-34,Female,Hong Kong
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,19,VISITOR4229,75+,Male,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,15,VISITOR6148,35-54,Female,Taiwan
42057,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,20,VISITOR6109,18-34,Male,Macau
42058,LIKE POST,1,42057S3,STATUS,Mon,2,22,VISITOR4276,35-54,Male,Hong Kong
42057,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,20,VISITOR9890,75+,Male,Singapore
42057,LIKE POST,0,42057S3,STATUS,Sun,1,21,VISITOR7509,75+,Male,PRC

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